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Witness the Epic Journey of Shailesh Kumar Singh: Revolutionizing the Indian Postal Service Through Innovation, Recognition, and Unwavering Commitment


Shailesh Kumar Singh’s journey from the small village of Paterhi in Chapra district, Bihar, to a respected position in the Indian Postal Service, is marked by unyielding dedication and a pioneering spirit. Born in 1963 on Anant Chaturdashi, Singh’s educational pursuits, starting from Golf Field Middle School to securing a first-class Matriculation and later a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, laid a robust foundation for his future endeavors.

Joining the Indian Postal Service as a Postal Assistant on March 17, 1983, he undertook rigorous training at the Local Postal Training Center in Muzaffarpur. His field postings spanned across multiple locations like Kashipur, Hasanpur Sugar Mills, Pusa, and Dighra, among others. Each posting allowed him to deeply connect with the community and hone his understanding of their needs and challenges.

In July 1987, Singh’s aspiration to serve in the military was realized when he joined the Army Postal Service as a Warrant Officer. He took on challenging assignments, including Thegu FPO on the Nathu La border, contributing to the Army’s communication services in treacherous terrains.

Post his father’s retirement and to fulfill familial responsibilities, Singh returned to the civilian postal service in October 1990. His innovative spirit led to the creation of initiatives like “Janasampark Nirikshak Aapke Dwar” and “Dak Shivir Karyakram,” enhancing the customer service experience and spreading awareness of postal services. The introduction of a postal helpline on mobile phones and his involvement in the India Post Payment Bank awareness program are testaments to his forward-thinking approach.

Singh’s efforts in bringing postal services to the forefront of public consciousness extended to the promotion of electronic items like LED bulbs and fans, distribution of Gangajal, and the Deen Dayal SPARSH Scholarship to encourage philately among students. His “Dak Darshan Program” educated schoolchildren about the postal service’s rich history and operations.

Notably, his initiatives have garnered widespread recognition, earning him multiple awards and accolades from the government, with extensive coverage from major news outlets. His unwavering dedication even after retirement in January 2023 is reflected in his continued management and assistance in postal services, demonstrating that his commitment to the public good endures beyond his formal service years.

Singh’s legacy is encapsulated not only in the services he rendered but also in the impactful programs he spearheaded, which have left an indelible mark on the Indian Postal Service and its beneficiaries. His memoirs, published upon retirement, serve as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the profound impact a dedicated public servant can have on society.

Singh’s dedication has been recognized with numerous accolades from the government and coverage by prominent media, affirming his role as a transformative force in postal services. Notably, his exemplary service was honored by the Honorable Minister of State for Home Affairs and the respected MP of Ujiarpur, Shri Nityanand Rai, with awards and letters of appreciation. These accolades were presented in a distinguished ceremony at Patna’s Meghdoot Bhawan, attended by the then Additional Director General (Postal) of New Delhi, Smt. Alka Jha Mishra, and recognized by the then Director of Postal Services (Business Development) and the current Chief Postmaster General (Bihar) IPS Shri Anil Kumar, highlighting Singh’s significant contributions to the postal sector. Even after his retirement in January 2023, he continues to lend his expertise, reinforcing his commitment to the nation’s postal system. His published memoirs and ongoing advisory role post-retirement underscore a legacy that continues to inspire and guide the future of India’s postal service delivery.


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